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About Drapery Rods and Accessories

About Drapery Rods and Accessories

Finding just the right fabric for your window treatment is important, but don’t overlook how you will be hanging it. To make sure your window treatments are just as functional as they are beautiful, you have to understand the hardware options. Whether hidden or exposed, your drapery hardware can be a major design factor in […]

Get Your Window Treatment Right

Get Your Window Treatment Right

Whether you’re saving up to have a wall of windows draped or ready to place an order with a local workroom, here’s an idea book packed with insider terminology. Not only will this help you understand what goes into creating draperies, it will make you look as though you know what you’re talking about when […]

Selection tips for your window treatments.

Selection tips for your window treatments.

In this article we will talk about: • Curtain Drapery Hardware parts • Curtain Drapery rods • Curtain Drapery Finials • Curtain rings • Drapery Support Brackets • Drapery Tie backs 1. Curtain Drapery Hardware parts Choosing drapery hardware to complements your dwelling decorates style. To hang most drapes, you must have the following component […]

Selection of wood curtain rods for eco-chic interiors

“If bad decorating was a hanging offence, there would be bodies hanging from every tree.” – Sylvester Stallone Why not decorate your home before someone makes such a law? While decorating your place, you sometimes miss out on one of the most vital parts of a room for example to say the windows. Windows, if […]

When choosing your drapery pole, consider your drapery function and style

A great way to enhance your windows is through using decorative drapery poles. Drapery poles are not only meant to play the supportive role, but also the decorative purpose. If you want to be opening and closing your draperies often, it is important to consider the style you want before purchasing the hardware. Traditional slides […]

Metal curtain poles and drapery rods are easy to either hung or adjust

Hanging your metal drapery pole or wooden drapery rod is a very easy process. There is an easy anchor plate system that applies to almost all curtain poles and drapery rods. You can use wood pole connector screws or splices to extend the drapery pole and as well create an excellent treatment for your windows […]

Rustic Finishes in Wrought Iron Drapery Rods

The rustic finish is the major difference between the regular metal drapery pole category and the wrought iron collection in the wrought iron metal category. Most manufacturer’s normally develop hollow cores with wrought iron finishes while a few make pure wrought iron metal drapery poles. No weight, only the wrought iron look Imagine carrying a […]

How to Select Curtain Hardware

How to Select Curtain Hardware

A well dressed window A house with a well dressed window needs to have a decorative element that includes curtain hardware. There are many choices available that can make the processes confusing, but it need not be with a little education given here. Curtain hardware is designed to be more than just a functional element […]

Basic terminologies used for a window treatment

Window treatments can dramatically increase the aesthetic view of a room by offering a graceful finishing touch to the décor. But selecting the ideal window treatment for your home décor is not an easy task. Window treatment is not about one or two things; it is a combination of many factors, which when blended together […]

Guide for selection of drapery hardware

       New window treatments can offer any room a refreshed look when done up in a proper manner. After you decide to have new window treatments to hang on your windows sit down patiently and think about the hardware that you will use to mount your window treatments. Though the general opinion is […]