Collections is a popular online store that has been conceptualized with the aim to provide excellent service to the customers in the field of window drapery hardware. This site is an attempt to bring all aspects of window drapery hardware under one umbrella so that the customers no longer have to roam around from one store to another to get exclusive and quality drapery hardware for their windows. This store brings under one roof the solutions for all your drapery hardware needs. Whether it is a particular look that you want to create in your home, or it is a combination of two or three different looks that you want, or it is a totally exclusive and elegant feel that you prefer for your window décor, is your one-stop shop for all such needs and beyond. While the site has been designed with utmost care to have a simple user interface and an easy navigation, there are a few things to know which will make the experience of navigating through the site a much more pleasant matter. is a website dedicated exclusively to window drapery hardware products. The site features collections from a number of reputed and renowned manufacturers. Each manufacturer adds something extra to the site. Here is a detailed description of the manufacturers and their various qualities and products.

Vesta Drapery Hardware: Vesta drapery hardware is a name to reckon with in the drapery hardware market. Vesta Drapery Hardware is particularly known for its eye-capturing designs, quality products and competitive pricing. The range is divided into many collections in order to offer our customers an easy and better experience of selecting drapery hardware according to their particular taste and need. The various collections of Vesta drapery hardware is as follows:

  1. Apollo – Vesta’s Apollo collection is comprised of steel. Elegant designs and finishes are its plus-points. It has five interesting finishes and two diameters of the sizes 3/4” and 1 1/8”.
  2. Archi-T-Rail – Vesta’s Archi-T-Rail collection is basically a track system designed with excellence. It has two tracks with 9/16” and 1” width. It can support light-weight to medium-weight treatments. The track widths are available in three finishes.
  3. Aurora – Vesta’s Aurora collection is a beautiful blend of steel and wood. This collection bears a number of outstanding finial designs in rich earth tones and brass hues. This blend of two finishes gives this collection a unique look which is suitable for several design options.
  4. Brise Bise – Vesta’s Brise Bise derives its name from a French term which means “a light breeze”. The collection is a wonderful representation of solid brass hardware designed for use in the café style. It is suitable for light-weight treatments.
  5. Castilian – Vesta’s Castilian collection displays hardware which is ideal for the décor of any traditional home. The hardware elements are designed in solid brass.
  6. Constellation – Vesta’s Constellation collection is constructed in steel and has four stunning finishes to feature. The collection has a size of 1 ½ “diameter and is designed in clean lines.
  7. Crystal Magic – Vesta’s Crystal Magic collection is a reflection of elegance and style. The finials are designed to feature outstanding beauty. The addition of rich colors and finishes along with the hand-crafted designs give the collection a new meaning and elegance. These finials are ideal to be used with drapery poles having diameter of 2” and 2 ¼”.
  8. DecoTrax – Vesta’s DecoTrax collection features aluminum tracks. The beauty of the collection is increased by the presence of a smooth oval contour or the exact line of a rectangular profile. This collection is available in 4 finishes of contemporary style.
  9. European Elegance – Vesta’s European Elegance collection comprises of a group of accessories designed in an elaborate fashion in order to add to the beauty of any traditional or contemporary style of décor. The collection is available in several beautiful finishes. It also boats of several crystal elements in the décor which gives the collection a stunning look.
  10. Gaudi – Vesta’s Gaudi collection is an interesting one. It combines brass and wrought iron in a wonderful manner to form unique hardware elements to decorate the windows. The finials are designed with a transitional feel and can be easily used in case of a traditional décor as well as a contemporary decor.
  11. GeoLux – Vesta’s GeoLux collection features elements crafted from stainless steel and aluminum. The various finishes give the collection an elegant look. The bracket designs are unique in style and are designed to suit various styles of décor.
  12. Highland Timber – Vesta’s Highland Timber collection is a unique combination of skillfully crafted finials and accessories. The collection features drapery poles in four different diameters. The designs of the collection are spread over a range that covers everything, from simple pieces to elaborate items. The interesting part of this collection is that the finishes are not decided by the manufacturer. You are given a product without a finish so that you can create your own finishes that suit your particular style and need.
  13. Hunley – Vesta’s Hunley collection features beautiful hand-crafted and hand-finished finial designs in elaborate traditional styles. The details are beautifully highlighted in each piece by skilled craftsmen. The products display a rich blend of colors and finishes. This collection is one that is best suited to offer your window décor a touch of elegance and glamour.
  14. Imperial Rome – Vesta’s Imperial Rome collection is a statement in bold looks and prominent designs. The collection features finials suitable for drapery poles having 2” diameter. The collection is a beautiful mix of traditional and contemporary designs and the beauty of the look is further enhanced by the use of brass. The finials have striking looks and are offered in six mesmerizing finishes. You can enhance the beauty of the drapery rods further by combining the shinny glow of brass rods with crystal finials.
  15. Mediterranean – Vesta’s Mediterranean collection is a beautiful ensemble of drapery hardware created skillfully through the use of iron. The collection has five amazing finishes that are perfect for many styles of home décor. If you want to showcase the appeal of iron in your décor, then tyhis collection is definitely the perfect choice for you.
  16. MetalMorphosis – Vesta’s MetalMorphosis collection is for those people who consider “less is more”. Sleek looks and clean lines form the basis of this design. The smooth shine of the accessories is perfect for the décor of modern homes and lightweight window treatments will look wonderful when combined with such hardware items. Anyone trying to decorate their home in minimalistic style will find the forms and functions of this collection suitable for their needs.
  17. Mirage – Vesta’s Mirage collection is a pretty interesting one. This collection is created from a combination of aluminum and steel materials and it offers the looks and strength of wrought iron designs. Numerous colors and attractive finial designs adds to the look of the collection. This collection is a suitable one for the design of traditional or contemporary window treatments while costing much less than the original styles.
  18. Mistral – Vesta’s Mistral collection features simple looks and attractive styles. The finial designs are crafted from superior quality materials and feature uncomplicated looks with a smooth finish. There are five different finishes available in this collection. These hardware items are ideal for light weight window treatments which display a contemporary feel.
  19. Motopia – Vesta’s Motopia collection features precision extruded track in aluminum and an automated, belt-drawn, open and closing mechanism all controlled with a handy remote control. This collection is exclusively for a modern look. The method of operation is simple and features a contemporary look that is perfectly suited to the mood and feel of the room.
  20. Opera – Vesta’s Opera collection features elegance in style. This collection is ideal for the decoration of traditional as well as contemporary looks. It can be used in an interesting manner to create a look of glamour in the décor. The collection becomes all the more attractive due to the five vibrant finishes. In short, this collection is a unique method to add style and elegance to your window drapery hardware.
  21. Panel Scapes – Vesta’s Panel Scapes collection is designed for flat panel window treatments. The collection features extruded aluminum tracks and rail systems. The products are highly customizable, which offers you the opportunity to play with the look to come up with something unique. The three finishes of this collection are an added bonus for the décor.
  22. Pinnacle – Vesta’s Pinnacle collection is a range of wood accessories carved in a traditional fashion. Several skilled craftsmen are engaged in the creation of this range. The collection features four stained finishes and three painted finishes. These finishes add to the beauty of the collection and make them just the ideal choice for your window treatment needs.
  23. Plaza – Vesta’s Plaza collection features a unique geometric aesthetic. The refined look is further enhanced by the two contemporary finishes. The highly stylized look is just perfect for the décor of a modern home or a minimalistic look in a decor.
  24. Royal Britannica – Vesta’s Royal Britannica collection is a reflection of its name. The collection has an old world charm to it and caters to the traditional look of the décor. The hardware is crafted by Spanish artisans who give this range a distinct feel. Four stunning finishes offers the collection a unique and distinguished look.
  25. Techno Topia – Vesta’s Techno Topia collection features a traverse system operated with a manual cord. Both, single and double treatments can be used with this system as it offers single or double-way draws. There are several finial options that can be chosen to match this collection perfectly.
  26. Techno Track – Vesta’s Techno Track collection supports a one way draw and is traversed by the hand. The collection’s Techno brackets support the aluminum extruded tracking from above thus allowing all gliders unfettered access across the entire bottom rail of the track.
  27. Terra Cotta – Vesta’s Terra Cotta collection brings the lovely warmth of earthy tones to your window décor through the use of this bright and beautiful hardware assortment in traditional styles. The ethnically styled finials and other hardware elements are also decorated with beaded metals, handmade pottery, etc. to produce a window treatment that can capture anyone’s attention instantly.
  28. Ticino – Vesta’s Ticino collection is a representation of a bygone era. The designs are inspired by an era when bravery and gallantry were the most essential part of the society. The hardware features two different finishes and
  29. Ultima – Vesta’s Ultima collection comprises of aluminum rails and an inner panel carrier system. This collection is easy to install. You can let your creativity out by designing the window treatment in several unique styles by using 2 to 5 flat fabric panels. These panels are connected to the hidden panel carriers by means of Velcro, which allows for quick changes of scenery. This collection has two contemporary finishes which adds to the beauty of the products.
  30. Window Treasures – Vesta’s Window Treasures collection has been designed to add a glamorous finishing touch to your window treatments. The collection consists of decorative brass accessories that are brilliantly designed. The products are just the ideal match for any traditional or contemporary theme of décor.
  31. Wire Scenes – Vesta’s Wire Scenes collection Is a unique range. It combines the goodness of cast iron and steel wire to give forth an exclusive product range. The collection is perfect for any tradition or contemporary style of home décor.

Design Elements Group: Design Elements Group is a collection of four stylish and elegant drapery hardware groups that are widely popular for their superior quality and amazing designs. The collections each have unique features and styles that can give a distinct look to any window décor. The décor options offered by the collections of this group cover traditional to contemporary styles and beyond. Renaissance Drapery Collection, Metropolitan Drapery Collection, Valencia Drapery Collection and Charleston Drapery Collection are the four pillars that make Design Elements Group a famous name in the drapery hardware world. Mentioned below are the essential features of each collection.

  1. Renaissance Drapery CollectionThe Renaissance Drapery Collection is an exclusive range of drapery hardware products that have been handcrafted and finished by a team of master artisans using a blend of traditional and modern techniques. The specialty of these products is their extremely high quality and exclusive style. This collection will give any window a distinct look with our assortment of finely detailed and elaborately crafted finials, holdbacks, brackets, rings and wood poles offered in ten rich finishes.
  2. Metropolitan Drapery CollectionThe Metropolitan Drapery Collection has been created to provide your home a modern look of elegance and style. The designs are of a contemporary nature. The attractive price point coupled with the diverse selection of finials, brackets and components allow you to answer a multitude of window treatment challenges.
  3. Valencia Drapery Collection: Valencia Collection is a decorative drapery hardware line with amazing designs and beautiful finishes. The products have been designed by talented designers and skillfully hand crafted by experienced artisans. The unparalleled quality and wonderful shapes make this collection a truly attractive one.
  4. Charleston Drapery Collection: Charleston Drapery Hardware is a unique line of original designs mainly for the outdoor drapery hardware. The products are crafted skillfully in solid designs that inspire admiration. The lovely finishes and wonderful shapes add to the beauty of the collection.

Paris Texas Drapery Hardware: Paris Texas Drapery Hardware Collection is famous for producing uniquely designed decorative drapery hardware in various refined finishes. Their elegant ranges in wrought iron and their classy collection in wood is hard to ignore. From elegant rods to beautiful finials and the other drapery accessories, their quality and designs are unrivaled.

House parts Drapery Hardware: House Parts Drapery Hardware is a renowned name in the field of home decoration due to their quality products handcrafted in rich finishes. The designs are classy replicas of aesthetic originals sourced from museums of repute world over, amazing private collections and dismantled historic structures. Whether it’s a pole or a finial or any other hardware element, every piece is a witness to the skilled craftsmanship of the artisans and bears a promise of being unique in construction.

Ona Drapery Hardware: ONA Drapery Hardware features exquisite designs and exceptional styles of drapery hardware crafted from highest quality of wrought iron. Their classic collection of handmade curtain poles, finials and other accessories are high in quality. They specialize in a timeless look with a classy touch of the by-gone era. Their marvelous finishes can cast a spell on any décor.