Guide for selection of drapery hardware


drapery hardware     New window treatments can offer any room a refreshed look when done up in a proper manner. After you decide to have new window treatments to hang on your windows sit down patiently and think about the hardware that you will use to mount your window treatments. Though the general opinion is that draperies and drapery-style are the all-in-all of any window treatment, the fact is you can never ignore the importance of drapery hardware in your window treatment.

The good news is the ever popular online store for drapery hardware brings to you a wide variety of options from which you can select the ideal hardware components for your window treatments. The ranges cover uncomplicated, functional elements to elaborate and fashionable elements that are designed to add glamour to your window treatments. Each hardware component that you will require, like drapery rods, finials, brackets, rings, hold backs, etc is available on the store in a variety of shapes, sizes, colors, finishes, designs and styles. You can get any item for any style that includes ancient, traditional, transitional, modern, contemporary and minimalistic styles. Even in the department of materials also your demands for the drapery hardware components will be met with elements crafted from various materials like wood, metal, wrought iron, steel, etc. While the store will act as your magic wand for all of your needs of drapery hardware components, you will have to strike the right balance between the functional needs and the elegant looks of the components in order to create a look that is as much attractive as it is functionally effective.

In order to be able to make the perfect choice between the need of functionality and aesthetic looks, first ponder on the questions mentioned below and then start selecting the drapery hardware.

• What are the hardware elements that are fundamentally functional?

• What are the hardware elements that can increase the decorative aspects?

• Which type of rod will be ideal for installation of your drapery hardware?

• What are the materials available for a particular hardware element and which one to select?

• Is there any special aspect attached to the hardware element?

• Do you need any special feature in a particular hardware element?

Function and Style

While having a lot of options is a good thing, sometimes it can lead to confusion too. As they say “too much of anything is bad”. So, you need to streamline your search to be more effective in obtaining results. It will be a good idea to start from the point of the look you would like to have on your window. Do you want to follow a theme or would you prefer to get a certain kind of feel in the overall look of your décor? Drapery hardware can be selected based on the look factor too. While some hardware element styles are just ideal for a traditional setting, others are just right for a contemporary look and there are some others that would go perfectly with a transitional style. You can decide to put the hardware elements out of view by placing them behind a pelmet or a drapery or you can draw focus on their aesthetic value by placing them in the open. While every single piece of drapery hardware serves some particular purpose and is functionally important, it is the drapery rod that can easily be called as the fundamental hardware element on which the selection of all other elements depend. Drapery rod also happens to be the largest single hardware element and its selection is necessary for the choice of finials, end caps, brackets, rings, hold backs, etc.

What do you want – function or decoration?

You will find several drapery components that offer both, functionality and style. You will also find some others that offer mainly one of these two qualities. Functional items are those elements that contain the necessary features for hanging and operating the window treatments. Decorative pieces are more likely to score on the looks department and can add the glamour factor to a window treatment. They can make sober statements in the window treatment or can be the center of attention in the décor of the window. It doesn’t matter whether a hardware element is fully functional or carry the decorative qualities also, what really matters is that every window treatment requires a drapery rod, a pair of brackets and a pair of finials or end caps to complete their functionality.

Drapery Rods

rodsDrapery rods or drapery poles are the biggest piece of hardware needed in a window treatment. This piece acts as the central item and all other hardware elements of the treatment are selected based on this element. Also, rods are the main source of support for your window treatment. Draperies are generally attached to rings that allow them to traverse along the rod or remain constant when you want the curtains to remain closed. Rods come in various styles that range from slender items which can be kept concealed to thicker ones which can be used for decoration. Thick rods are more effective visually. In case of a short window in a room, it is wise to mount the rod near the ceiling to make the windows look tall. You can expand the width of a window treatment by using rods with a greater width in a similar way.

Finials, Brackets and Sconces


Once the selection of drapery rod is over, you can move on to other hardware elements. Finials and end caps are another kind of drapery hardware that requires attention while selecting them. They are available in various styles and designs. Finials offer the finishing touch to a window treatment. Made from several types of materials like metals, wood, ceramic, glass, resin, etc. finials can be used as a decorative element while quietly satisfying the functional requirement too. Brackets carry out the function of providing support to the rods. While the simple ones carry out the function of providing support to the rod and keeping it secured to the wall, the more elaborate ones are designed in beautiful styles. Scones are another kind of decorative bracket. In this kind the fabric is threaded through the decorative brackets. Selection of materials for rods, brackets and finials depend on whether you would like to have a uniform look or a contrast effect in the décor.

Rings and Accessories




Decorative accents can finish the look of a window treatment in a glamorous way. Tie-backs are one such item. They are used to keep the draperies to the sides of a window. They can range from simple strips of fabric to elaborately styled bows. Holdbacks also offer the same function but they are crafted from metal, wood, resin or wrought iron, as against the fabric material of the tie-backs. They are attached to the wall and draperies are kept over them in a way that they are not allowed to close. Some other common accessories are rings, clips, hooks as well as pulls. These can either remain visible or hidden from view. Styles and designs range from simple unembellished ones to highly decorative items that can affect the overall look of the window system in a considerable manner.

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