Curtains or drapery form an intrinsic part of interior decoration. To hang and support your beautiful draperies you need the help of drapery poles. Drapery poles or curtain rods are available in a variety of materials and designs. While every material has its advantages ranging from style to longevity, the wrought iron drapery poles bring about a lovely quaint or old-fashioned charm to your home in addition to durability. Today, wrought iron drapery rods are available in various attractive designs and classic styles that are inspired by the traditional designs and crafted uniquely to suit the need of modern day homes. Veteran manufacturers like ONA Drapery Hardware produce attractive and unique designs without compromising on the quality by using hollow-core metal drapery poles. This technique results in keeping the classic look intact in the curtain rods without the weight of a solid iron bar.

Usually this style of wrought iron poles are manufactured in one-inch and three-quarter inch sizes. Because of the small diameter these poles are ideal for regular width windows. It is advisable to install a center support curtain rod bracket to prevent the drapery pole from sagging with the drapery’s weight. Be certain to select a wrought iron rod with a minimum diameter of one-inch to cover a window with six feet or more width.

French pleat, standard pinch pleat, goblet pinch pleat, pencil pinch pleat and tab-top are a few common drapery styles that go well with wrought iron curtain poles. With an exception to the tab-top drapery style, all the other styles mentioned here use curtain rings to hang the drapery from the pole. In the tab-top style the tabs loop around the drapery rod. For the pleated drapery styles you can sew the rings into the drapery header. But a much better option is to use rings with eyelets and attach the drapery pin to the ring’s eyelet. This will allow the drape to hang safely from the ring.

In case you plan to use a heavy drapery to cover a wide area, it is better to install multiple curtain hardware brackets for support. While they will sustain the weight of the pole, these drapery brackets may pose a problem for the draperies to be operable and the curtain rings may not even get past the first curtain rod bracket they come across along the pole. Drapery hardware manufacturers like ONA Drapery Hardware and Vesta Drapery can come to your rescue in such a scenario. Their line of products includes bypass drapery brackets and bypass drapery rings which allow the drapery to be operable even with longer poles and supports. The rings and brackets feature a small gap that allows the drapery to traverse through. ONA Drapery Hardware and Vesta Drapery are among the oldest and most experienced manufacturers of curtains hardware and they showcase a line of decorative drapery hardware products maintaining the highest quality.

The classy appeal of creatively designed wrought iron drapery poles along with the tastefully selected drapery can transform the look of any home and prove to be a style statement in itself.

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