To get a perfect finish for your window treatment installing the drapery hardware before purchasing the drapery will prove to be a prudent decision in case of custom made curtains. Though there is no dearth of refined and elegant pre-manufactured drapery panels available in the market, a custom made drapery always adds a personal touch to your window décor. Once you have decided on the fabric of your drapery and the look and feel of your décor, you can plan to get your curtains custom made to suit your personal style and preference. It is only obvious that you would want a perfect fit for your window treatment. Selecting and installing your curtain hardware first will allow your drapery maker to generate the exact finish for your window.

In case you select the drapery before deciding on the drapery hardware

This is not an ideal situation to get an appropriate window treatment fit. If the curtain hardware is installed first, the drapery maker will be able to extract the exact measurement for your custom made curtains. But getting the drapery before the decorative curtain hardware will result in adjusting the drapery hardware according to the requirements of the drapery. As a result, you may not be able to get the decorative piece of hardware you were planning to have for a pre-decided look.

Your custom made curtains can be influenced by the design elements of your drapery hardware

An example of how your choice of hardware can possibly affect your custom made curtains is the calculation of the drop of the curtain rings. Using drapery rings to hang your custom made curtains to achieve the exact length is a tedious job. Several factors must be taken into consideration like the setting of the pin, the location of the curtain ring eyelets and how far the ring hangs from the bottom of your decorative drapery rod. If you install your drapery hardware on your window before-hand and then allow your curtain maker to take sizes for your drapery, you will be in a much better position to get the length and fit you have in mind.

Measurements of your custom made drapery may be affected by the style, design and projection of your curtain rod brackets

Often it is seen that though you want an ornamental piece of drapery hardware, like let’s say a decorative curtain rod bracket, yet due to the restrictions of the drapery bought before-hand, you have to finally settle for a plain regular bracket. This happens due to the fact that curtain rod holders with intricate designs and extended carvings require extra fabric to give a fuller look to the window treatment. The best way to avoid such complications is to select and install your favored decorative drapery hardware before choosing your drapery for the window treatment.

The overall look of the window treatment depends on the fabric of the drapery more than the hardware. But to acquire the perfect finish for your drapery it is of utmost importance to hang the drapery hardware first. By remembering this simple thing you will be able to get precisely the look you want for your window treatment.

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