Curtain rods are a basic feature of interior decoration. So, before you embark on the journey of purchasing new curtain rods for doing up the windows, it’s necessary to know a few things about them. Having a clear idea about the measurement of the curtain rods, the placement of the rods, exactly how to hang them and certainly, what style of curtain rod to choose will definitely help you to achieve a perfect finish for your decorating project.

Getting the correct measurement

A simple and easy way to get a correct measurement is to measure the width of the window and add a few inches on either side so that no light passes through the curtains when they are closed. Don’t forget the finials. If the finials are already attached to the curtain rods, then there’s no issue. If you have to attach them separately, you need to add them to your final measurement.

Hanging up for maximum effect

Before hanging up the curtain rods finalize the look you want to create. The usual concept is to hang them high enough so that the curtains or drapery cover the top of the windows. This is no hard and fast rule. You can always hang them higher or lower depending on the effect you are trying to create. It is also not necessary to have separate curtain rods for all the windows. If windows are grouped close together, then sometimes it’s better to use a single rod to cover all the windows.

Style does matters

To create a consistent look, the overall décor of the room must be taken into consideration while selecting a curtain rod.

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