3/4″ French (Round)

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2 feet includes: 2 returns, rod & 10 X 1” rings eyelet
4 feet includes: 2 returns, rod & 18 rings
6 feet includes: 2 returns, rod, center support & 24 rings
8 feet includes: 2 returns, rod, center support & 32 rings

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One of the most popular drapery hardware styles right now are French Rods that return to the wall. We offer many options to configure these rods to your application.

French Rods for ¾” diameter rods are solid. We Heat & Bend the returns to the rod in one piece. The return ends are drilled to slip onto pinned bases. Provide Face width measurement when ordering.

  • Standard projection is 3½” to rod center.
  • Minimum projection available is 1½”.
  • Specify base style.

Center supports are recommended for rods over 60″. Swivel base brackets are recommended as center supports and can be ordered with coordinating bases.

Standard projection is 3½” measured to the rod center. Please specify if you require a custom projection.
Order additional rings and batons as needed. Center Bracket are included in rod length of 6 & 8 foot
Rod length = face width + return lengths rounded up to the next full foot

Why ONA Hardware?

Our product is proudly made in the United States in our factory in Boulder Colorado. As the decorative hardware field expands and import markets increase etc; it seemed important for us to differentiate our product from others that may appear similar. Our rods are made of domestic high quality, thick walled steel to provide maximum support and durability. Our brackets, rings, and components are engineered in house and fabricated of the finest materials with great care taken to marry form and function.

All of our skilled artisans take pride in their work and their part in the process of getting you the very best. All of our finishes and plated finishes adhere to the strictest United States EPA standards and use the purest materials. Hand-finishing is a part of every order. Polished Plated finishes are polished by hand. Our Welders and Blacksmiths’ skills are top notch, and our shipping department takes great care to ensure your order arrives safely.

All custom iron drapery hardware including rods made to your specifications are non-returnable. Standard components, including rings finials and brackets may be returned and are subject to a 25% restocking fee. No returns will be accepted after 45 days from shipment. All returns require prior approval.

  • 3 Individual Finish Chips available at no charge
  • Most standard finish iron orders are shipped within 2-3 weeks.


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