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Our patented ONAVERSE™ 1-5/8″ diameter iron cord traverse rods move heavy panels with ease. Our exclusive design features an internal mechanism that is not visible from below. Friction reducing glides along the top of the rod ensure smooth and quiet operation. ONAVERSE™ rods utilize our 2″ I.D. rings with eyelets as standard. 2½” C-rings are available for special applications. Pair with any of our standard 1-5/8″ components (finials, brackets etc…). Continuous curving is available for bay and bowed window applications. ONAVERSE™ rods are heavy duty, and feature all steel ball bearing pulleys for maximum durability and superior function. Optional motorization kit is available.

Easy to order,
1. Specify overall rod length (not including finials). Brackets should be installed a minimum of 3″ in from the rod ends. Please allow extra rod length to accommodate this. Specify finish.
2. Indicate if rod will be two way draw, one way stack left, or one way stack right.
3. Specify the cord location either right or left, and the length of cord drop you require. Note: Baton draw is available on request.
4. Order brackets, finials and rings as required. Master carriers include two rings per carrier.
Note: Maximum span between brackets is 120″. Maximum rod length (one piece) is 240″. Maximum recommended panel weight is 6 pounds per foot. We do not recommend splicing. A steel tension pulley is standard. Motorization is optional. Heavy duty brackets are recommended for panel lengths over 108″, spans over 96″, projections over 3-1/2″, and for double rod sets. Professional installation into studs or wood backing is recommended.