Rustic Finishes in Wrought Iron Drapery Rods

The rustic finish is the major difference between the regular metal drapery pole category and the wrought iron collection in the wrought iron metal category. Most manufacturer’s normally develop hollow cores with wrought iron finishes while a few make pure wrought iron metal drapery poles.

No weight, only the wrought iron look

Imagine carrying a 4 foot pure solid iron bar with a diameter of about 1 inch. How heavy is it? The sole reason for the manufacture of hollow drapery rods with wrought iron finishes is to reduce the weight. Pure iron is heavy and will bring a lot of disadvantages when using it alongside the inconveniences in installation; and hence the popularity of the hollow wrought iron rods. It looks just like the pure wrought iron rod but bears less weight. They also have the same feel but are less expensive and are more portable and convenient to work with. The wrought iron designs are available in most traditional forms such as iron oxide, rust, antique pewter, black and iron gold.

The typical pole diameter for the wrought iron drapery rods is one inch, although this could vary depending on the beautification and purpose. Unlike the pure wrought iron poles, these ones can easily be cut using a normal hacksaw. Some of the collections in our store include Vesta’s Gaudi & Mediterranean Collection and ONA Wrought Iron Drapery rods.

Wrought Iron Drapery feature several traditional designs

In the designs of the wrought iron rods, there are rustic and traditional designs. In the traditional architecture category, the finial choices include scrolls, sharp points and thin lines included in drapery poles. These elements are found in other popular elements or iron such as railings and gates.

With regular drapery pole collections, more elegant and softer finial designs may also be found. The design of the finial is plus the color is meant to produce an appearance of an old and rusty drapery pole which is very unique. People looking for more new and shin poles could consider Vesta’s Gaudi Collection or ONA’s wrought iron rods. If you have several other wrought iron elements in your room, them installing a wrought iron drapery pole will add more beauty and taste to the theme. They normally add a rustic charm or an odd old-world touch to your environment.
Despite having been used for hundreds of years across the world, the wrought iron designs continue to excel in the market as thousands of designs are featured every day. With new design and manufacturing methods coming up every day, big manufacturers like House Parts and Vesta have perfected their production of elegant designs around hollow wrought iron. They give you a touch of beautiful and traditional appearance without much weight on them.

Wrought iron rods are manufactured with a diameter of either one inch or 1.75 inches diameter and hence you should make this consideration when purchasing your curtain rods. In case your window curtain top space is more than six feet, you can either choose any of the hollow drapery pole diameters but create a space for center support to prevent sagging. Smaller windows have no problem since the pole is still rigid for light curtain weights. Most wrought iron drapery rods are either pinch plate (with rings) or tab top. The tab top does not attach the pole with the fabric using rings. The drapery tabs are slid into the pole systematically by opening and closing the drapery with your hands. The pinch plate draperies normally use rings with eyelets for attaching the hardware to the panel. The drapery pin is slid into the ring eyelet. You can choose to sew the rings in order to the drapery header if you do not want to use the pins.

Covering a wide area such as a very large window might need several supports to the wrought iron drapery rod. Your rings cannot go past the first bracket unless the drapery hardware that you are using has rings available or contains bypass brackets. This might be a problem especially if you want your drapes to be operable. In such a situation, the ONA wrought iron collection serves the purpose since they are specifically made for such purposes. The ONA drapery hardware form fine and adjustable poles that can be used in the most extreme situations.