Shower Curtain Rod Hardware


While selecting shower curtain rods the prime factor to be considered is functionality. A strong and durable rod which is attractive at the same time will solve the purpose. It’s important to have knowledge about the features and styles before making the final choice.

Styles of shower curtain rods

Primarily two styles pre-dominate this section of curtain rods. In both the styles the curtain rod is installed on the opposite wall of the shower. While in one style the curtain rod hangs in a straight line, in the other style it takes a curved shape. Both fulfill the same purpose of supporting a shower curtain but the curved shape gives the shower a little more spacious look. That’s definitely a plus point for smaller showers.

Materials available

Shower curtain rods are available in a variety of materials like brass, plastic, nickel, chrome, stainless steel, etc. Though all of them have their advantages, your selection for the right material should depend on factors like strength, durability and longevity and then consider style.



Making a selection
Selecting the right curtain rod will depend on factors such as these:
• Consider the size of your shower and bathroom and the look you want to create.
• All shower curtain rods have the ability to withstand water but not all have the ability to endure the daily wear and tear. Take into account the number of people using the shower and how often.

• Finally, select a curtain rod that will complement your bathroom’s décor.


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