Tension curtain rods are a great way to fashion a window treatment without investing a lot of time, energy or money. They are simple, trouble-free and handy.

What is a tension curtain rod?

Tension curtain rods are similar to traditional curtain rods only in looks. They work quite differently though. The tension produced from the two ends of the window is utilized by the rod to secure itself into the appropriate place.

To install a tension curtain rod one end is to be held in the correct place while positioning the other end. Then it is twisted or tightened until sufficient tension is produced to secure the rod.

Where are tension curtain rods available?

Tension curtain rods are generally available at the same retailers who sell traditional curtain rods. Before purchasing tension curtain rods remember to make a note of the measurement of the window and the kind of drapery you will be hanging. Generally, these rods are less expensive as compared to traditional curtain rods.

Should you go for tension curtain rods?

Consider these queries if you are not sure whether tension curtain rods are the correct choice for you or not.

 • If time is a factor and you cannot afford to spend much time on the installation process then tension curtain rods is a good choice.

• If looks of the curtain rod are least important to you then tension curtain rods can be a perfect selection. These rods are available in a limited color range and are very simply designed. These rods do not offer a decorative look.

• For what duration do you want the window treatment to be up? If it’s a temporary arrangement, like while staying in a dorm or apartment, and you don’t want a permanent window treatment, then tension curtain rods might be the perfect choice for you.

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