Selection of Curtain Rods? Wood-or-Metal

The right decorative rod can turn up the “wow” volume of your curtains and help achieve the look and feel you want in any room. Wood and metal curtain rods are typical choices, but which one do you go with?

A wood rod can bring in a natural element or give a stately feel. A metal rod can break up a room that already has a lot of wood and bring in a modern element. Here are more points to consider.

Wood: Considering wood curtain rod for wide and tall windows. Wooden rods support heavy curtains better than metal because they are not hollow. Poles come in 3-inch, 2¼-inch, 2-inch, and 1?-inch diameters. The bigger the window, the larger the diameter you will want.
Note: Wood curtain poles have to be purchased in the exact size you need or cut to size, unlike some metal ones.

Wood poles can be purchased prefinished in a large variety of stains and paints, or can be purchased unfinished. They come in many styles, including fluted — a very popular choice, because the grooves give a two-tone look.
Create a luxurious and rich look using chunky wood rods with a crackle finish, and hang a solid silk curtain from them on rings. This style works for both living and dining rooms.

Metal: Metal curtain rods offer great options for contemporary and unique styles and finishes. Finials come in many funky shapes (including square) and sometimes even have glass and mirror components.

Metal curtain rods offer a nice contrast in a room with a lot of wood furniture. Add glitz to a room with a polished nickel or chrome rod.

If you’re using a metal rod for wide windows, go for a 1-inch or larger diameter and make sure it has numerous brackets to support it, because metal rods are hollow inside and can bow in the middle.
Note: Unlike wood rods, metal rods are sold in adjustable lengths.