Low Price Guarantee

Low Price Guaranteebuycurtainrod.com wants to help take some of the guess work out of shopping for you. We regularly check our competitor prices for similar products and try to ensure that we are giving you the best price possible.

However, we understand that there are a lot of online competitors out there and it’s impossible to monitor all pricing changes on all products. So we have instituted the “Low Price Guarantee”. If you find a competitor site out there offering the “exact” same item(s) for a lesser price, we will match that price for all applicable items.

And of course there are some exclusions:

  1. Item must be “exactly” the same item (color, size, manufacturer sku #, etc…)
  2. Item must not be a closeout, discontinued or clearance item.
  3. Item must be viewable online (no in store specials, etc…). We need to be able to verify the price!
  4. Total price for price match item must include all shipping and processing charges levied by our competitors.
  5. Basically we want to compare oranges to oranges!
  6. If you find a qualifying item, bobby.mamtora@buycurtainrod.com. Please tell us the item you are interested in, the URL of the competitors website where the item is, and the price of the competitors piece, so that we can verify the pricing. For you to feel secure, we will honor this low price guarantee for up to 7 days after an order was been placed with buycurtainrod.com

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