Selection of wood curtain rods for eco-chic interiors

“If bad decorating was a hanging offence, there would be bodies hanging from every tree.” – Sylvester Stallone
Why not decorate your home before someone makes such a law? While decorating your place, you sometimes miss out on one of the most vital parts of a room for example to say the windows. Windows, if overstated skilfully can on the whole change the look of your room. The best way to beautify the windows is to ornament them with cool and chic curtains and if you think curtain rods is the last thing to be considered in home decor, and then you must think again! Curtain rods can add that added cause and beauty to an otherwise unexciting room, if chosen correctly.

Let us discuss popular eco-chic curtain rods to ornament your cave since eco-chic is a combination of trendiness and environment. So, go for them.

Bay window rods If you are lucky enough to have that bay window opening at your home, you really need to ornament it with the elegant looking curtain rods which bear a natural look. The rods should not be overburdened with designs such as lion heads or big models of globes at the tip, instead you should try the new versions of wooden rods with metal colours which look like metal from a distance but are wood from within. These types of rods serve the dual purpose since they are eco-friendly and trendy as well.

Fairy curtains If you have little girls at your home then you can give your kids’ room a beautiful surprise by buying attractive curtains in light soft hues of baby pinks and greens and to go with them there are a plenty of options for the curtain rods, right from those with little fairies on them to the small cartoon characters inscribed.

Eco-friendly choices There are varieties in wooden rods such as bamboo which can be the ultimate eco-chic stuff for your home. These rods have no other materials mixed with them and are the purest form of wood which makes it more desirable.

Traditional drapery hardware You can create the French and Italian countryside romance and mood by placing these rods in your room. Each carved piece suggests natural elegance and style made of fine quality woods. These are designed to age gracefully. They are a ‘Must-have’ for every house.

Unfinished wood collection You can choose from a huge range of unfinished wood finials. These ready-made wooden rods are great in a way that you can paint them yourself of the colour you like or simply leave them as they are and enjoy the fine texture.